We Offer Wholesale!

Please print out this page to place a wholesale order or email info@lccandles.net 

please note: Candles are ordered in one size only- 8 oz. jar. Candles features include a cotton wick, soy wax, natural and essential oil blends and no colorants.

***Each candle cost $10 no sales tax.

***6 candle minimum per fragrance.

***24 candle minimum total.


Wholesale Fragrance List : 

(Place a checkmark by the fragrance you want to order)

Autumn Breeze (6 minimum)

Brunch In Paris (6 minimum)

Cozy Moments (6 minimum)

Driving Up The Coast (6 minimum)

Pumpkin Pie Spice (6 minimum)

Relax Me (6 minimum)

Romance Me (6 minimum)

Share The Moment (6 minimum)

Southern Coffee Shop (6 minimum)

Spa Day (6 minimum)

Spicy Apple (6 minimum)

Stress Relief (6 minimum)

Sunset On The Coast (6 minimum)

Take Me Away (6 minimum)

Woody Winter (6 minimum)

Sandalwood (6 minimum)

Gingerbread (6 minimum)

Christmas Hearth (6 minimum)

Candy Cane (6 minimum)